Social connection is essential to our Whole Health. When we live in harmony with others and through a shared community, our well-being is strengthened. Social connections can be gained through active participation with family, groups and communities.

A community could be your neighborhood, a spiritual or faith-based group, a support group at VA, or any group that feels like community to you. Connection to a larger community can be gained when you tap into a shared experience. Opening our hearts and minds and truly listening to others allows us to tune in to others around us can support and increase our sense of connection.

As we connect more with others around us through social connection, we learn how to give ourselves the space to truly see and hear others. We can increase and improve our ability to connect with others through practices such as support groups and meditation.

Regular meditation can aid in releasing old patterns of thinking and feeling. Practicing mindful awareness can help you to observe thoughts and stories with fresh eyes. This skill can enable inclusion, hope and desire for good will for all, and can reduce separation and judgment.

In the Whole Health circle of health, community encircles all other components, including family, friends and co-workers. Learn more here:

We invite you to join this brief movement meditation for embodying social connectedness led by Tosha Ellis.


Learn more about how relationships can support your Whole Health here:

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  1. Ora April 8, 2022 at 5:39 am


  2. Dennis April 7, 2022 at 7:15 pm

    The people who scream they know their rights. Know them because their rights were read to them once a month on the side of the road .
    People scream they o’bay the law , that’s the law of gravity . If the shoe fits , get another one just like it .
    They say , tell us in your own words . I don’t have my own words . I use every one else’s .
    Laughter is the best medicine . And my family always had me over medicated .
    Wife and I are like the Flint Stones , we make the bed rock .
    What ever it may take . You deserve a break .
    Do thing’s you love to do .
    Just be you .

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