VA is dedicated to bringing the best health care to women Veterans. VA telehealth ensures that Veterans can receive the care they need even when they are far from their VA facilities. Veterans can use an internet-connected device to access care from any location, even in remote areas, at home or in a clinical setting.

Making care accessible with VA telehealth

Army-trained physician Dr. Margaret Carrico works in a family practice with women Veterans in Tampa, Florida. She uses VA telehealth tools such as VA Video Connect, VA’s secure videoconferencing app, to connect with her patients when they can’t make it to the medical center, or just have a question regarding their health.

Dr. Carrico: “Video visits really lend themselves to helping women.”

“The video visits really lend themselves to helping women maintain continuity of care through things like child care challenges and everything else that challenges a woman when it comes to getting to the clinic,” said Carrico.

Revolutionizing health care for women Veterans

VA has made significant strides in women’s health care, as the number of women Veterans increase. Some VA medical centers now feature nursing rooms for mothers and separate entrances for women to ensure privacy. Primary care services have integrated telehealth thanks to the work of providers like Carrico.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has become vital for mothers who are caring for children during the day or cannot travel long distances to medical centers.

“Women put everybody else in front of themselves. Offering telehealth as an option is just a little way we help to overcome that,” said Carrico.

Link to Women’s health care website

Women Veterans program managers are available at each VA medical center nationwide to assist women Veterans and coordinate services. Women Veterans who are interested in receiving care through VA should contact the nearest VA medical center or visit the Women’s Veterans Health Care page for more information.

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