This week’s #LiveWholeHealth is the follow-up to the previous post, Connecting Mind & Body Session 1, which offers a simple yet profound practice of connecting body and breath. This meditative session will help you release and relax.

We often carry stress in our bodies. Mindful movement and body awareness can help us learn how to relax and release.

One of the keys to practicing yoga or other mindful movement is developing awareness of what is happening in your body. As we notice what is happening in our bodies, we can listen to when it might be time to slow down, when there may be pain or discomfort, when a certain movement feels good, or even when we are hungry.

By bringing awareness to each part of your body with your breath, you may notice different sensations – or even lack of sensation. Perhaps you will feel more connected to your body and more present in the moment. You may even notice the ability to let go of extra tension and stress that you might be holding in the body. As you release tension and stress in the body, notice what impact that has on your mind. Allow yourself to be present in the experience without judgment. Be curious.

How connected are you to yourself? You can start building awareness with simple and short breathing, relaxation and mindful movement practices.

Join Yoga Teacher Matthew Sanford and Greater Los Angeles VA Physician Indira Subramanian, MD in this 9-minute meditative practice to help to build awareness, and to release and relax.


Are you interested in learning about other ways to incorporate mindful awareness into your day? Check out the Whole Health website section: Mindful Awareness – Whole Health (, or the Mindfulness Coach Mobile App Mindfulness Coach | VA Mobile.

For more ideas on moving your body, visit the Whole Health website section: Moving the Body – Whole Health (

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