Tele-Health Audiology Clinic Takes Virtual Walk-ins

VA has made all kinds of care more convenient to Veterans in remote locales. Allowing them to be treated by their health-care providers from where they live, without traveling long distances to meet the doctor in person at a medical facility, is rapidly becoming one of the most cost-efficient and time-saving ways to receive health care.

The Veterans in the Florida Keys absolutely love VA tele-health connections which include audiology, dermatology, eye exams, women veterans programs, podiatry, mental health and much more. You don’t retire or live in the keys to spend a lot of the time going back and forth to the Miami VA Medical Center. It’s 161 miles, or just over 161 miles between Key West and Miami, and any who lives there will tell you it is very aggravating spending much time going back and fort to the mainland even if the commute is much shorter.

This report was produced by Adam Poitras of the Miami VA Healthcare System.


Adam Poitras


  1. Robert Bauman    

    This is only available for certain Doctors, if your Doctor is not on the list contact is not available!!

  2. brian cadusch    

    That is excellent,they are doing in Australia now especially with some Cancer patient’s,I am 3 hours from Melbourne,it can now get done in our local hospital,and then walk home after treatment,we also have nurses and carers to come and look after you as wel as doing your washing ,ironing we generally get spoiled Brian[ex vietnam vet] Australia

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