VA and Veterans service organizations eye telehealth to improve access


VA  representatives  and Veteran Service Organizations met today to explore the  health care delivery capabilities offered by telehealth to help improve access to care for Veterans.

Sec. Bob McDonald visits Phoenix and Las Vegas VAMC“Today’s demonstration is an important part of our ongoing conversation with our VSO partners in developing the tools that ensure Veterans have access to the quality care and services they have earned,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald. “Telehealth is rapidly becoming an attractive option, especially for Veterans who do not have a VA health care facility close to home.” In Fiscal year 2014 VA telehealth services served over 690,000 Veterans in over 2 million virtual visits.

The event also included a presentation of the new Clinical Video Telehealth (CVT) scheduling software, which will help streamline how VA employees schedule telehealth appointments and  resources. The CVT scheduling software was rolled out last month as schedulers began training to use the new program.


Gary Hicks

is the Director of VA’s Office of Digital Media Engagement. He is a former managing editor of a daily newspaper and a Veteran of the U.S. Army. Gary’s wife is a senior master sergeant stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.


  1. Tom Vargas    

    I have used MyHealthVet and have found it to be very useful to order my prescriptions and to receive any updates. It is slow at times but once you are on the web site it is very useful. I am a Disable Viet Nam Vet and have gone thru many changes over the 40 plus years I have dealt with the VA and they have continued to improve their service. I feel that the Viet Nam Vets have paved the way so that veterans in the future will get the excellent service that the VA has provide. In my opinion the VA is keeping up with the times in Technology so that veterans, like myself ,will get the service that they are entitled.

  2. Allen Sweatt    

    It is so nice to see such well dressed learned men proposing a new system to access information at the VA. I am currently trying to gain access to MyHealtheVet. I have been on hold for 3:15 and counting. It is so nice to introduce improvements or spend money in areas that are more technologically feasible, I guess. All I would like to be able to do is access the system and check for appointments etc. I am and have been having issues with ebenefits. I am trying to file a claim and the system keeps kicking me out after I submit a statement. I have received an email stating I have 365 days to apply or submit my claim. I would actually like ot do it sooner and perhaps get support if I am having issues.There is construction at the DC VAMC and no one seems to be able to tell me where to get MyHealtheVet support. I have now been on hold for over 8 minutes…never mind. Then we wonder about contributing factors to suicide, domestic violence, substance use, further traumatization. I guess one day before I die I will get answers or not. I do not even know why I bother to complete these types of communication as I rarely get any answers just like now and the funniest part of all is I am told to wait. I wonder what would have happened to me if I would have said I need to wait fo rit to stop raining before I hoist that antenna or refused to go outside in sub-zero weather to walk around a nuclear missile on guard duty. I wonder. I would love to be able to access both system, but if this is not possible. I truly understand as I realize that I am just a mere throw away, a veteran who has been left behind….

  3. Billy Reds    

    I hope that before I get to old to receive medical benefits that I am entitled to (Purple Heart). I am saddened that other war Veterans didn’t get what they deserved and they were the people who raised people like me. It’s no wonder why there was so much animosity and card burning during the Vietnam (WAR). This is something that our own government created. God Bless America and God Bless all of our Veterans.

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