What makes America great are the people that have gone before us and overcame great obstacles to afford each of us the opportunity to live in freedom, to provide for ourselves and families, and to even excel. Still, challenges befall us and, at times, can get us down. Challenges and obstacles can make us weak and tired. They can weigh us down and allow us to become negative or frustrated.  We can even begin to feel that our struggle is more difficult than another’s.


OvercomerA warrior, someone who battles no matter what task is ahead, someone that not only regains strength from his/her weaknesses but also sees life in a way no others can. Someone that doesn’t laugh at racism, someone who doesn’t feel pain, someone who has been through it all, and did it with a smile on their face. The true definition of an overcomer is a warrior.


I admit that I have not always given it all. As a walking, breathing warrior I gave some, but some gave it all. I am reminded daily as I drive to work that I am more fortunate than many, and that today we all get to make a difference. I rely on my fellow warriors, friends and family to motivate me when I am tired and the clouds are gray. At times, I tune into a little music to lift my spirits. Mandisa- Overcomer


This blog is about career search advice. One the greatest challenges I experienced during my last job search was staying motivated and confident. No different than battling against great odds, fear of climbing an obstacle or walking until your boots fall off, we are Overcomers.


Forward march!


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Today- is a time to heal.

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