Wow, there is a new topic. Well, maybe not. I am sure others wrote about it way back in the 1990’s pre-blog, but let’s just say this is new territory for most of us. Now, we could get on @twitter and other social media sites and vent about who is to blame and how the sky is falling or we can rein it all back down to what we have control over.

See, I learned years ago about Circle of Concern (COC) vs. Circle of Influence (COI). As a solider that was fairly easy. Do my job and let the elected old people worry about it. Of course, that is likely how we got into this mess and today, many Americans are more ….engaged. So, let’s be real. If you are unemployed, the Panda Cam status really is your least worry at this point. While we may be CONCERNED with the Panda Cam, we have little, if any INFLUENCE over it. So, let’s be opportunist.

Many people are tired of working in an area of uncertainty. I would think that some federal employees are either retiring, planning to retire or simply ready to move on to greener, less dramatic changes. Additionally, Warren Buffet says, “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful.” Under that theory, it is time to apply for the job you want as others are distracted. Reality is, America is still hiring. VA is still hiring. While everyone else is concerned with things they have no control over, stay focused on your Circle of Influence and turn up your career search.

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