Donna, a nurse at the Los Angeles VA Medical Center, can tell you exactly why she’s worked at VA for over 27 years: it’s personal as well as professional. Her top three reasons for being a Nurse at VA:

1. Growth Opportunities

“VA offers opportunities for growth…from being a bedside nurse to being a nursing administrator or researcher or even an IT specific nurse.”


VA supports your career growth.

2. Generous Leave

“In the VA system, a nurse earns enough vacation time….it gives you an opportunity to spend time with your family when you need it.”

More time off for your life.

More time off for your life.

3. Taking Care of our Veterans

“What greater way to give back to your community than to serve those who’ve given so much to us?”

Serve those who have served our Nation.

Serve those who have served our Nation.

You can watch Donna’s full testimonial below. To learn more about nursing careers at VA, visit

If you’re a nurse at VA, let us know your “Top 3” in the comments!

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