March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. The theme for this year’s biennial campaign is: Not Alone. The VA has studied brain injuries, which have emerged as a major concern of the VA because of the large numbers of Veterans who have suffered traumatic brain injuries – or TBI – during the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The VA is using the Internet and mobile phones to extend its outreach programs and support to Veterans needing help with TBI by developing a mobile phone application for Veterans, Servicemembers, and others who have experienced a mild to moderate concussion. It is called Concussion Coach and it is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. It provides portable tools to assess symptoms and facilitates the use of coping strategies.

Concussions often come with physical problems (such as headaches, balance problems, and dizziness), emotional challenges (such as getting angry more easily) and cognitive problems (such as difficulties with concentration and memory). The nature and range of symptoms can cause considerable distress and frustration, and training in different coping strategies is often necessary.

The features of Concussion Coach include:

  • A self-assessment tool for measuring symptoms, with feedback and a graph for tracking symptoms over time
  • Symptom relief tools and relaxation exercises for managing problems associated with concussion
  • Planning tools to build resilience
  • Educational materials about concussion and options for treatment by brain injury professionals
  • Immediate access to crisis resources, personal support contacts, or professional healthcare resources

Concussion Coach is intended to support treatment with a healthcare professional by providing portable, convenient tools for the user to assess symptoms and cope with concussion-related problems. The app can also be used on its own, but is not intended to replace professional diagnosis, medical treatment, or rehabilitation therapies for those who need them.

For more information go to or read more about Concussion Coach here on Vantage Point.

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  1. Ernest March 6, 2015 at 1:08 am

    RE: TBI scan. My ear drum was perforated by the back blast of a 3.5 Rocket Launcher “BAZOOKA” when I was a weapons instructor during Korea War training troops how to kill other people and came within a fraction of an inch of having my head blown the trainee flinched after triggering the rocket which detonated in front of parapet.
    I had been threatened with courts martial for missing phone calls and for being late on my point for training as I had severe hearing problems and all tho I used the post telephone wakeup, I either failed to wake or went to a wrong location for troop training.
    After being demoted to field cadre as a result of my hearing defect I was placed on 30 day punishment as CQ in company #6 BTG @ camp gordon do to my hearing loss all so; and was ordered to remove and replace all fire lite bulbs in the entire battalion every day and night…

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