Army Veteran Noah Galloway will step back onto the Dancing with the Stars stage as a semi-finalist, a huge accomplishment for the self-proclaimed non-dancer.

“It was me completely stepping out of my comfort zone,” Galloway recently said in a video for Vantage Point.


Galloway’s journey wasn’t an easy one. He has worked to overcome his injuries, including the invisible ones. “It wasn’t just the physical challenge I found myself in, it was also the emotional struggle that we as Veterans all go through,” he told us.

“We, as Veterans, can never forget that we are still Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, and we have to live by that,” Galloway said.

We first met Galloway through his work with VA’s Adaptive Sports Program, where he shared his story with more than 150 Veterans at the VA-sponsored 2013 Midwest Valor Games. He challenged fellow Veterans not to let their disability define them.

When he dances his way into the semi-finals, Galloway and his partner, Sharna Burgess, will be in a place he never imagined he’d be. “The most I thought I’d go is three weeks. I’ve never danced before and it’s not anything that comes naturally to me,” he recently told the L.A. Times.

Team ShwayYou can help Noah Galloway get to the finals by voting online or by phone. Voting opens up at 8 p.m. ET on Monday night.

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