Saturday, May 9 was a perfect day on the Gulf coast of Mississippi, just right for veterans at the Biloxi VA Medical Center to enjoy a classic car show.

There were more cars than ever at the car show held once or twice a year for the southern Mississippi Veterans. In all, there were 216 cars and trucks. A large number of volunteers also showed up to escort Veterans through the many rows of vehicles, picking their favorite cars and reminiscing about days gone by.

The classic cars event was sponsored by the Mississippi Beach Cruisers and proceeds were donated to VA Recreation Services to fund outings and special events for inpatient Veterans. The May 9 show raised nearly $5,000 for the fund.

Thanks to Wayne Alley and Eric Ramsey of the Biloxi VAMC Medical Media for the video.

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  1. Former Spec 5 May 29, 2015 at 11:26 am

    Had just bought a 1968 RS/SS Camaro convertible 396 4 on the floor,positrac,spoilers 350 HP the works for a 19 year old…………… was good……then Uncle Sugar sent me a little white greeting card !

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