All too often, our Veterans return home from service to face new battles with their health, whether physical, mental, or emotional. From WWI to the conflicts in the Middle East, every Veteran of every generation has a special story to tell and deserves customized attention. Veterans Health Administration is committed to hiring health care professionals who can effectively address a variety of needs. No matter your specialty, your care can help restore hope to Veterans and their families at VA.

For our elderly Veterans facing complications due to aging, disability and chronic illness, we provide the best in geriatric and extended care. And as our Veterans of the Vietnam era approach retirement, we have qualified social workers on board to help make their transition as smooth as possible. Our physicians understand Veterans’ unique needs and develop treatment plans that promote independence and comfort.

Researchers at VA are working hard to develop solutions for our most challenging health issues. Their innovations include breakthroughs in cancer research and our mental health professionals deliver optimized rehabilitation programs for PTSD and other conditions. We aim to keep our Veterans first in line for groundbreaking care.

At VA, you have the opportunity to interact with our Nation’s finest and be a pillar of support in their lives. And for those soldiers who’ve yet to return, VHA continues to hire the best and brightest in every field, who are dedicated to helping our Veterans feel better at home. Explore the many ways you can serve.

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