#ReadWhereYouAre: How Veterans can help get kids reading


On Wednesday, VA Secretary Bob McDonald sat down with students at Seaton Elementary in Washington, D.C., for the Read Where You Are day of action, a new initiative that encourages everyone to read with the young people in their lives and community.

Research shows that young people who do not read over the summer fall behind their peers. This is especially true for children from low-income communities and is directly connected to the achievement in reading. The good news is this is entirely preventable. When we read, when we listen to stories read to us, research shows our brains light up. Reading is powerful and helps students stay sharp and ready to learn.

How can Veterans and others help? #ReadWhereYouAre. Read to the young people in your life and in your community. And then spread the word. Take a picture and share it through social media using the #ReadWhereYouAre hashtag.

Learn More about the campaign, too. Visit www.ed.gov/readwhereyouare to learn more about other ways to keep reading and learning happening throughout the summer.



Megan Moloney

— Megan served at VA from May 2013 to July 2018. She is the daughter, granddaughter and spouse of Army and Navy Veterans who served in World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.