In this series of blogs, I have been talking about colleges: why to go, where it’s best for veterans and, of course, how VA can help you pay for it. In the last blog I Iooked at why you should consider getting a degree, even if you think you’re too old to be a student. In this and the next three blogs, we’ll look at other reasons… 

SECOND REASON: You make contacts for networking. Perhaps the greatest benefit of college is not even taught in college: Making contacts and job search networking. When you’re enrolled at a college, you’ll find that deans, teachers and college placement officers have an investment in your success.

Right now, the government and think tanks are trying to assess the value of colleges in terms of graduate earning power. As a result, your future work situation reflects on the quality of an institutions education. One way they can help is by linking you with employers: corporate recruiters, alumni, local businesses and community associations. Simultaneously you can network with your fellow students. Like your service companions, the connections you make on campus can stay with you your entire life. Think about it. Just being in a classroom instead of on your couch can open up a lot of opportunities.

In the next blog, I’ll discuss a third reason for college: You learn things you probably wouldn’t anywhere else.

In the meantime, check out the Education & Training programs you can take advantage of when you Join VA.

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