We are excited to introduce Care Enough to Share, a campaign designed to attract community mental health providers to volunteer part-time in VA.  This is an ideal opportunity for providers who want to support Veterans and give back to their communities.  VA provides opportunities to work with some of the nation’s leading experts in the fields of mental health and substance abuse, as well as a multitude of training and continuing education opportunities, including VA’s new training in military culture competence, which all providers, even those outside of VA, are encouraged to take, in order to better understand military experience and how it impacts healthcare.  This training offers FREE continuing education credits can be found at http://deploymentpsych.org/why-know-about-military-culture.

Interested providers can apply online at www.vacareers.va.gov/woc.  Applicants should submit a resume, transcripts, and a copy of their license.  They should also include a cover letter stating their preferred job location, and hours.  To ensure the integrity of VA services, these providers are held to the same qualifications and hiring standards as a paid provider.  If you have questions regarding this initiative, please send them to VAMentalHealthWOC@va.gov.  Thank you for your continued support of our Nation’s Veterans.

About the Author: Stacy L. Gavin is the Executive Assistant for the Office of Mental Health Operations

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