VA life insurance options provide peace of mind for Veterans and their families. Through VA’s seven life insurance programs, many Veterans will qualify for coverage; VA provides over $1.3 trillion in insurance coverage each year.

On May 19, VA partnered with the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) to answer questions on Facebook about life insurance options for Veterans. The chat addressed questions about eligibility for life insurance, application deadlines, disability coverage including traumatic injury protection, and much more.

Check out some of the questions and answers from the chat below.

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Life insurance from VA is available for recently separated Veterans. Additional options may be available from VA for eligible Veterans.

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For Veterans wondering about VGLI premium costs, VA provides a detailed chart of monthly premium rates.

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VA also provides life insurance for Veterans with at least zero percent service-connected disability.

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Spouses can be eligible for life insurance, too.

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Veterans may qualify for Traumatic Injury Protection under VA’s life insurance.

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Thank you to IVMF for hosting this ExploreVA Facebook Chat, and thank you to those who participated. Be sure to check out the ExploreVA Events page for future digital events.

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You can learn more about VA life insurance by visiting the ExploreVA website, as well as VA’s website on life insurance.

To view the chat in its entirety, visit the IVMF Facebook page.

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