VHA just celebrated National VA Research Week, which gives VA Medical Centers an opportunity to showcase the numerous achievements of VA researchers and the role they play in providing high quality care for Veterans and advancing medical science.

While we know that VA has 91 years of research excellence under its belt, think about how many locations are home to research programs. Sure, Boston and Los Angeles are top of mind for most folks when thinking about pioneering work … but Johnson City, Tennessee? That’s right, Johnson City. There is much to offer there – for work and recreation and relaxation.

The Mountain Home VA Medical Center conducts research to improve the quality of life for Veterans with hearing and balance disorders. According to WJHL.com, “Drs. Faith Akin, Owen Murnane and Courtney Hall have earned national recognition for their efforts in the diagnosis and treatment of dizziness in Veterans with mild Traumatic Brain Injuries. In addition, Dr. Richard Wilson developed a test to evaluate word recognition in noise, called the WIN. This test … is now used in audiology clinics throughout the VA.”

All of these accomplishments take place in an absolutely fantastic place to call home. Johnson City, located in the foothills of East Tennessee, is renowned for its scenic beauty. Residents enjoy hiking and biking trails, parks, lakes, golf courses and the experience of four distinct seasons – punctuated by an autumn that features picture-perfect foliage.

If you want a career with a health organization that does groundbreaking research, consider a career with VHA. We have more than 1,400 medical facilities throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories, so you can to live in a small town, a big city, or something in between. Plus, you’ll enjoy great benefits and competitive salary – no matter where you live. Come Join VA.

Three great outdoor adventures in the Johnson City area

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  1. Pat Jahnke June 18, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    U know u may do research, but if other va to do it what can a veteran do,. ????? I seen something migraine headaches,. Told my docs in Madison va about the unit, refused chk into it I cc pain clinic and nerve clinic. In few week I bet uuuu 1000000.00$ they still refused chk into it I told month ago , instead gave me meds ,. This is is no meds research SC va April was a write up about it so u can do these researching but will other veterans hospital join in, may act of Congress needs to be taken pop 9 months on shelves hold pattern so us better in same boat no help, refused to do update issues, it against thier will. Big brother stop it who know s veteran are still on losing end

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