Over half of all physicians are involved in an adverse patient event. Liability insurance is a major concern for physicians because of the likelihood of an adverse patient event and the need for legal insurance in the case of a mistake. One of the benefits of working at VA is that we provide the protection of the Federal Government for all of our employees in instances of malpractice or negligence. This means that as an employee with us, you can focus on your patients and being a better physician, instead of worrying about legal paperwork. We are committed to making sure our employees are secure in their careers so they can focus on caring for our Veterans.

The US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health conducted a study on the traumatic events that physicians encounter and how they react to those events. The study, conducted in 2012, found that 53 percent of responding health care professionals had experienced an adverse patient event in the past year.

Reducing errors is important, and at VA we strive to be better professionals every day through our employee performance metrics and opportunities for further training and development. This doesn’t mean that errors don’t happen, and our employees, as with any professionals in the health care field, can be involved in adverse patient events. We believe that our duty as an employer is to protect employees who operate within our policies from liability lawsuits. Our employees cannot grow as professionals without learning from their mistakes, and we work to free them of the paperwork and worries of the legal system.

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