Passionate about health care? Looking for a new exciting opportunity while giving back to our Veterans? Joining our VA Travel Nurse Corps (TNC) program is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your career goals and explore the world while doing it.

Traveling nurses are able to practice in any VA medical facility regardless of location. Some of the locations VA traveling nurses are placed in include Alaska, the Philippines, California and everywhere in between.

“My husband and I are a long way from our 550-acre ranch in Central Florida, but we were always talking about traveling. It turned out that this opportunity worked for us, and since he’s happy with VA and I wanted to give back, this program is an ideal fit,” says VA Traveling Nurse Cindy Cino.

With our VA Travel Nurse Corps (TNC) program, you’ll be able to:

  • Experience New Cultures: Different food, customs and traditions, languages, and art.
  • Experience New Activities: Dance festivals, museums, scuba diving, and skiing.
  • Experience Scenery: VA traveling nurses have the opportunity to wake up to the mountains in California or Colorado, or live on various beaches in Hawaii or Puerto Rico – and if you like the city life, Chicago and the New York City are fantastic options as well.

Our VHA traveling nurses are key members of the talented group of professionals dedicated to our VA mission. Learn more about careers and Join VA!

Read about some other compelling reasons you can Make a difference while traveling the world as a VHA travel nurse.

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Two professionals conversingIs your job going where you want to go?

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