The Center for Women Veterans was established in 1994 to coordinate benefits and programs for women Veterans and advocate for recognition of the contributions our female Veterans make. We talked recently to Riah, a women’s health nurse, about what makes her job so important and why she is committed to her career.

Historically, the military has been a male-dominated career path. However, the number of women participating in all branches of the military has been growing for decades, meaning that there is a need to care for female Veterans in specialized ways. Riah sees her job as vital because in the past few years we have seen huge growth in the number of female Veterans. We have started implementing Women’s Health Centers across the Nation, and they need doctors, nurses, and staff who understand the specialized needs of women Veterans and to address those needs with specialized care.

Riah gave her account of an emotional interaction with a World War II Veteran and how it made her realize her purpose at VHA. She is committed to working for Veterans because she wants to make a difference in someone’s life, especially since our Veterans have had such an impact on our Nation.

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