Here at VHA we use a number of tools to reach out to potential job candidates. One of those tools is Facebook Live. In each of our Facebook Live sessions we’ve had a host (or 3) to introduce you to and answer questions about various health care career fields and other topics like the application process. We also have VHA employees and recruiters along to help answer your questions on the spot.

This is a wonderful tool that benefits both job-hunter and recruiter. It gets our potential employees’ questions answered while providing us very valuable feedback. We’ve also hosted chats on Twitter, where candidates tweet us their questions and we answer them live. If you have a question about working at VHA or want to gain some insight on company culture, check out the blog recap of our social chats below!

Of course, the Facebook Live videos are available on our Facebook page. And you should plan to visit, Like, Follow and join our other social channels like LinkedIn and @vacareers on Twitter, to stay on top of all the opportunities and content VA Careers has to offer.

And for future live chat and tweet events, visit the VA Careers event page.

We hope you enjoy the videos and that they help inspire you to consider starting a unique and satisfying career with VHA to give our Veterans the best care possible.


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