VA was established to nurture and improve the overall health of Veterans. The opportunities in our facilities have proven to be rewarding and valuable for our employees. Whether our staff is just beginning training within their field or expanding their career capabilities by running a program, everyone is contributing to our mission to serve Veterans. Everyone acts as a key component in the collaborative culture at VA.

VHA places importance on personable and individual care for each of our patients and—with a lot of our staff members having served our country themselves—we find we are able to provide the quality of mental and physical health care that our Veterans deserve. After all, they dedicated their lives to ensure our safety; it’s our duty to dedicate ours best efforts to them.

Take an opportunity to meet some of our dedicated staff members through their employee testimonials below, and find out not only their motivation and what has brought them to VA, but what their experience here means to their personal growth and career development.

If you’d like to meet a few more of these dedicated professionals, visit our testimonials page and hear from other doctors, nurses, pharmacists, mental health providers, and more. With over 1,200 hospital and clinic locations within the VHA network, there are plenty of opportunities for professional growth. Are you ready to learn, grow and launch your career in an environment with a wealth of opportunity? Join VA.


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