Stay Well this Cold & Flu Season

Stop by your VA facility for this season’s flu shot.


Did you know that VA medical centers and clinics in every state of the country are staffed and ready to provide Veterans with their annual flu shot? It’s one of the many services our dedicated clinicians provide to Veterans on a daily basis. They work as the first line of defense for flu prevention in a season where the temperature drops and sick day emails often go up.

Each year the flu sidelines many personally and professionally as they often need up to a week to recover. Veterans enrolled in VA health care can avoid falling ill to certain strains of the flu virus by getting a free flu shot at any VA health care facility. Doctors and public health officials say the severity of any flu season is impossible to predict. And vaccination is your surest way to protect against getting the flu. So at VA, flu prevention and treatment is one of our top priorities this season.

And this year our hard working team will distribute nearly 3 million doses of the flu vaccine. So make sure to protect yourself and your loved ones this year by getting a flu shot, instead of getting the flu, and save those days out of the office for quality time with family and friends.

If you’re interested in joining our dedicated team of flu vaccinators and cold season caregivers, explore opportunities at





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