Going from the military to civilian life can be challenging for Veterans, particularly when it comes to finding a new career. But with VA, Veterans have the opportunities and support needed to make the transition as smooth as possible.

It all starts with our statutory hiring preference for Veterans. Applications are marked a priority because they’ve already shown their potential to succeed – and that potential is built on a commitment to service. Additionally, working here is an opportunity to help improve the lives of fellow Veterans, so a VA career is a great way to continue to serve.

To further support their transition, we offer numerous employment services, resources and benefits. This includes job-seeking tools, a military skills translator, vocational and employment counseling, education and training assistance and more. Once they join our team, there are even more perks, like retirement benefits added on to military benefits. And Reservists receive 15 additional days off a year to serve our country.

If you’re a Veteran who’s ready for the promising future ahead, learn more about how we’ll support your transition from the military to a VA career. Or, explore our positions and apply today.


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