To provide the best care to our Veterans, we need a top team of Nurses ready to put all of our patients first. In order for them to be able to focus on patients, we give them the support and resources they need to be successful on the job. VA offers several programs, like our Mentor/Mentee Program, to help Nurses advance their patient care and experience-based learning agendas. We also provide full educational support with loan repayment and scholarship programs to help them move forward and focus on their growth and development. We are committed to excellence and innovation in practice and leadership. VA Nurses have the option to join our research initiatives to help build their skills and knowledge, and ultimately advance patient care.

We’ve also gone to great lengths to provide Nurses with a superior work/life balance, which we realize is difficult to find in the private sector. Our schedule allows Physicians to spend more time on medicine than administrative tasks and provides predictable scheduling for Nurses, along with the assurance that their weeks won’t advance past 60-hours.

Nurses enjoy a comprehensive and competitive benefits package that includes an outstanding number of health, dental and vision insurance plans to choose from along with generous paid time off.

It’s clear advantages like these, in addition to giving back to our Veterans, that prompt experienced Nurses to choose the VA. Visit to learn more about our current openings.

VA’s executive leaders are at the forefront of advancement in Veterans’ care.Leaders of transformation in Veterans’ care
VA Nurse manages her nursing station and helps a community memberJoin our team all across the nation

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