Our Thanksgiving message to employees

We have a team that we’re constantly thankful for


There are many reasons for us to be thankful at VA. Not only do we have the privilege of serving those who’ve served America, we get to work alongside some of the most talented and compassionate professionals in the healthcare industry. Thanks to our employees, we’re able to pursue our vision to provide world-class benefits and services to Veterans and their families throughout the country. So it is with great pride that we express our deep gratitude for our team this Thanksgiving.

Each and every day, our employees work to advance Veterans’ care through best practices, cutting-edge research and the latest technology. In return, we are constantly giving them thanks through new opportunities, resources and the support needed to live a balanced life – both professionally and personally. This includes leadership development programs, continuous mentoring and a wealth of benefits such as comprehensive medical coverage and generous paid time off. Also, as the nation’s largest healthcare system, we give our employees access to a wide range of specialties, enabling them to expand their knowledge and explore their own personal career paths.

To learn more about working at VA, hear from some members of our tight-knit team.


If you’re ready to join us, pursue an open position or consider volunteering at one of our facilities this holiday season.


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