VA has awarded three university contracts to research and share local history through the diversity of Veterans’ experience found in VA national cemeteries, officials announced Feb. 16.

“The award of these three contracts signifies the VA National Cemetery Administration’s (NCA) dedication and commitment to providing enhanced memorialization and lasting tributes that commemorate the service and sacrifice of Veterans,” said Interim Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs Ronald E. Walters.

NCA awarded three separate contracts to San Francisco State University, Black Hills State University and University of Central Florida to conduct cemetery research and produce educational material for K-12 schools and the general public in an effort to promote community engagement with Veterans’ history.

VA awarded a total of $672,573 to San Francisco State University to develop material related to San Francisco and Golden Gate national cemeteries; Black Hills State University for Black Hills National Cemetery, Sicangu Akicita Owicahe Tribal Veterans Cemetery and Lakota Freedom Tribal Veterans Cemetery; and University of Central Florida for Florida National Cemetery.

The initial contracts are the first of many planned initiatives to engage educators, students, researchers and the general public through NCA’s Veterans Legacy Program.

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  1. Gary E Best February 27, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    This is a great idea. There is so much history involving out veteran’s, and it would become part of the “untold story”, that was so beneficial in making our country, the greatest in the world. Hopefully, the powers to be, won’t be able to decide to change one word, to make it “politically correct “, or to suit the way they feel it should be told, of what any veteran has to say. My thanks to all of the Veteran’s, and the sacrafice’s they all had to make. God bless you all.

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