A prick on your finger. A swab of your inner cheek. A test of your urine. These simple and painless tests could save your life. For HIV Testing Day on June 27, you should say yes to the test and get checked at your local VA Medical Center.

I know the thought of being tested for HIV can be intimidating. When they asked me if I wanted an HIV test at my first visit to the VA hospital in Albany, it made me anxious. My mind began to race: “Why did I get that one tattoo years ago at so-and-so’s house? Idiot. That one car accident where I held paper towels to that guy’s bloody head—did his blood get on me? Did I have any open cuts on my hands? I’m going to start carrying latex gloves with me from now on.” As my imagination tortured me, I said yes to the test. Not long after that, I was told I was negative for HIV. In honor of the positive news, I bought a box of latex gloves and threw them in the trunk of my car.

Put your mind to ease and say yes to the free HIV test at your local VA Medical Center!  And, as always, you can learn more at VA’s home for information and resources related to treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDS.

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