VA Secretary Shulkin speaks with Veterans at American Legion conference

“I believe that the VA system is a unique system, certainly not only a system worth saving, but essential for Veterans and for the country,” said VA Secretary David Shulkin at the 2017 American Legion Washington Conference Commander’s Call. From his work in the private sector, Shulkin recognizes the need for a special healthcare system that is designed to serve our nation’s Veterans.

After two weeks as VA Secretary, Dr. Shulkin is making his rounds by speaking to the Veteran community and laying out his goals and vision for the agency. Among these goals is modernizing the VA by streamlining the organization and becoming a high-performing clinically integrated network, redesigning the the Veterans Choice Program so that it works for Veterans, investing in world class facilities, enhancing VA services, modernizing our IT system, modernizing the VA claims system, Veteran suicide prevention, and working closer with public and private organizations to maximize our ability to work together.

Watch Secretary Shulkin’s remarks in the video above starting at the 45:19 mark.


Melissa Heintz

Melissa Heintz joined the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2015 and currently works as the National Veterans Day Coordinator, National Veterans Outreach. She grew up on an Army base in Japan before her family relocated to Hawaii. She holds a degree in Journalism/Mass Communications and Spanish from Seattle University. Melissa has served as a public affairs specialist with Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam and the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In December 2015, Melissa commissioned in the Air National Guard where she serves as a public affairs officer with the 113th Wing, D.C. Air National Guard.


  1. Cathy Wagner    

    I am wondering what is being done to resolve issues with MyHealthevet. I am trying to see recent records and I can’t see anything past September of 2016. I called support center and was told it takes a week or more for a ticket to be resolved. What is being done to address this issue?

  2. richard hahn    

    when does the v a plan on making a decision on the four conditions that Mc Donald left to up to the new administration

  3. James M Preston II    

    I live in Sonora CA and I was instrumental in getting a Clinic here in the 90s. When I moved to Sacramento in 2012 we had 5 Doctors and a very helpful Clinic here. I returned in Dec 2016 and when I went into get a Doc I was told there was only 1 and no space for me. I was told there were 5 slots were the VA couldn’t pay enough to fill the other spots and clinic near us were in the same boat.THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED. !!!!!!!

  4. bernard vincavage    

    hi there I’m a 100 percent disable veteran that fought in Iraq in 2007 I went to the bank on feb 1 2017 to pull my money out of the bank and it was not there so I went home called the regional office in and they said I owned 18.000 dollars dept I said why they over payed me I said I filled all the paper work out you guys sent me I did my jobs somebody dropped the ball at there end they did not want to hear that me and my family is going to lose there world and also be homeless because somebody didn’t do there job at veteran affairs in I was told by them I’m talking ing circle and it wasn’t there fault I fought for this grest country of minen plus I’m a hundred percent disable veteran that countes on that money to feed my family pay my rent and other bills what do I do ? help me and my family because they drag there feet, contact me if you want to know the whole story my email (redacted) or my phone number (redacted)thank you Bernard vincavage Pittston pa god bless them

  5. Manuel Martinez    

    If a veteran spouse qualifies for champ v.a. health care, give the sponsor the same privilege. This will end all the B.S.about veterans Choice….

  6. Robert J. Hadley    

    All VA employees must understand that we veterans are customers! Health care is a business , if VA does not think customers are number one then system will be privatized. Primary care must do more then ‘put in consults’ PCP is are point person and be are advocates.
    I use Choice . Two things HelthNet is horrible, second no one from VA has ever called me and asked how are the treatments?

  7. Brad Jones    

    Still waiting for @SecShulkin to announce reversal of closure of BHHCS Hot Springs, SD VA. VA has spent millions on modernizing facilities to close them down. Stupid and wasteful

  8. Raymond Melninkaitis    

    Ex Secretary McDonald called his program “MyVA.”
    “It is an honor to serve America’s heroes and actions that do not align with our core values will not be tolerated. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care to the Veterans we serve and being responsive to our patient’s needs. Veterans deserve nothing less.”
    These words are played over and over again. The word must not be getting down to the VA employees who collect paychecks for doing nothing and those that feel the Veterans are subhuman, liars, not to be trusted, and denied every benefit they apply for. My main purpose as a Veterans advocte is to find the rats and expose them for what they are. Veterans should have zero tolerance. Do not put up with second rate care, it’s “YOUR VA.”

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