In our first post of this series, we touched on the importance of an individual’s personal brand. Whether or not we know it, each of us has a personal brand to maintain. And each day, we have the ability to positively or negatively impact our brand with every image, word and tweet that is shared online.

1. What does your brand say? Take ten minutes and conduct a search of your name on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. What do you find?

2.Develop a ten to fifteen-word sentence that sums up your story. Below is an example of mine:

“Marketing and Advertising expert that encourages quality candidates to serve veterans”.

In a nut shell, I am conveying who I am and what I want each of you to know about me, while also telling an abbreviated story about what I am passionate about. It is the standard I’ve created for myself and must live up to.

3.I challenge you to review all your social media profiles and search results. Delete anything that does not present you in a positive light and professional manner. Resist posting anything you would not want your wife, parents, children, boss or pastor to read.

4.Update or create accounts with LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

5.Research, learn, update and repeat.


For more on this, research personal brand examples and the importance of a personal brand.






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