Discover how the Center for Women Veterans is transforming care at VA


As one of the fastest-growing subgroups of U.S. Veterans, women are accessing VA care and benefits at record-high rates, making our Center for Women Veterans (CWV) and other women’s health services more essential now than ever before.

The CWV’s mission is to coordinate and monitor VA’s administration of health care and benefits programs for women Veterans throughout the country. Among the core components of this mission is advocating for a cultural transformation in recognizing the service and contributions of these women. That’s the primary purpose of Messages from the Center, where information is regularly posted to raise awareness of women Veterans, the sacrifices they’ve made, and the challenges they face today.

At the heart of VA’s support for women Veterans is our Women’s Health team, which provides high-quality medical and mental health treatment, including maternity care for expecting mothers and various other services. It takes professionals from a wide range of specialties to drive our daily success in serving this growing patient population. And together, we’re aiming to be a leader in women’s health and raise the standard of care for all women.

If you share our passion for improving the lives of America’s Veterans, explore opportunities to join our team.


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  1. Jackie Carter    

    I’ve been trying for years to get back into – yes, back into – the VA System, and at that time they had just started a womens’ clinic. I was in the Phoenix VA, now they tell me they have no record of me and to boot Military Records tells me to contact VA for my medical records. What a MESS!! I sincerely hope all other women are not experiencing these types od catch 22’s.

  2. Italia Carson    

    Ever since I entered the va system after my first deployment in 2008, I’ve been impressed with the care I’ve received as a female Soldier and retiree. I know there are problem areas, but I’ve been extremely fortunate to have excellent health care providers and dedicated professionals in the VA system. I feel my needs are adequately met such that it’s my first source for health care.

  3. Crotalus    

    Useless for advocating anything here at Puget Sound VA. They just refer me to Jan Buchanan who never calls back.

  4. Penni Chesmore    

    I just wish something could be done financially while the claim is going through. It’s been established my rape caused PTSD, anxiety and more. I’m struggling because I’m having a hard time getting my brain working again and I need to get a job. I’ve been a nurse 19 years I never expected this in a million years. We may lose our house.
    Penni Chesmore

    1. Marie Clay Smith    

      Hi Penni, I was raped in the military also with PTSD, I found that my prayer life has helped me as well as counseling. The Lord gave me a scripture while I was praying, 2 Corinthians 10: 4-5. I speak to many in the community about this scripture in different organizations. Prayer works. I will pray for you and trust in the Lord about your home and finances.
      God Bless You. Marie

  5. Eva    

    Power of women! Women’s health organization will be good with strong women. We will see soon all around the world.

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