Each Memorial Day we recognize every service member who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Considering the adage “All gave some, some gave all.” Memorial Day is for the latter, those who gave all.

No matter the location, conflict, or circumstance, each individual that gave his or her life for our country is remembered on this day.

We honor their service.

Cory Coumbes - Veteran of the Day#VeteranOfTheDay Marine Veteran Cory Coumbes
Tarryl Hill - Veteran of the Day#VeteranOfTheDay Marine Veteran Tarryl Hill

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  1. Victor R Sellers May 30, 2017 at 5:25 pm

    And others were deceived, lied to, misled, threatened, ignored, not believed, misdiagnosed, kept in the dark, denied records, denied evidence, denied the documentation of their illnesses, diseases, and injuries for an entire lifetime. Why would the Army and VA do that to a service member that was hospitalized in Vietnam for a month, and then try to tell him he didn’t even complain while he was in the service. That takes a cold heart to tell a guy in writing that he was a liar. I can say it because I can prove it, to where the rater is just an idiot, or didn’t look at any evidence. Don’t you just hate liars.

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