When it comes to advancing Veteran care, continuous learning is essential. So much so that VA provides a wealth of education support—including scholarships and loan repayment programs—to employees and trainees throughout our health system.

Among these incentives is the National Nursing Education Initiative (NNEI), a scholarship awarded to full- and part-time RNs on our team who are pursuing baccalaureate and advanced nursing degrees or advanced degrees in related fields. NNEI awards cover tuition and other expenses such as registration, fees and books. Once a scholarship recipient completes his or her educational program, the individual must work as a permanent, full-time VA employee in the occupation for which the award was offered.

The primary goal of the NNEI is to increase the supply of health care professionals qualified to provide Veterans with specialized care. At the same time, the program helps our organization fill positions where recruitment and/or retention is difficult. It’s all part of what we do to improve the lives of our patients and the careers of our employees.

If you’re interested in being part of an organization where continuous learning is both encouraged and supported, explore our opportunities and apply today.

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