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  1. Jimmy Dickson    

    Yes, I would like to know why Veterans can’t get travel payment for travel payment when going any distance to receive health care.

  2. Roger bostater    

    I would like to know more about why we vets, I am 90 percent, can’t get our travel pay to my provider, 120 plus miles round trip. Yes there is a facility closer but most of my Doctors are not.. it’s bad enough to have to live in real setting without a great hospital, but just so we can get by on limited income.. and yes I am a alone without a support of family..

  3. Darrell austin    

    The application of Medical treatment is local everywhere however for disambiguation . Local works carry local bias it’s more then throwing money at it. Local bias office manager Marsha been there since I was forced to go there. Knows the case well as I known her since 90s yet every instance of chance destroyed working treatment felt so much is a call. Without telling anybody anything they just change everything no teamwork followed by having to step outside the system to get it straight every time. This effectively lock out of the system.

    When I run out of time it’s going to be on the court lawn with five gallons in a match because as it sits that time is getting closer and closer .

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