The recent “Department of Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act of 2017,” dramatically speeds up hiring of Medical Center and Network Director positions. Thanks to the new law, VA now has the flexibility to hire qualified health care executives expeditiously to lead its key health care organizations without going through a previously cumbersome and time-consuming hiring process.

“Being able quickly to hire skilled executives to lead our medical centers and networks is a powerful tool to ensuring the best possible leadership being put in place,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “Leaders establish the vision for our thousands of employees who are doing their best to serve our nation’s Veterans. They also ensure accountability for those employees who do not deliver the care our Veterans deserve.”

The Medical Center Director has the full delegated authority and responsibility for executive level management of the VA Medical Center (VAMC). The Director has overall responsibility for planning, organizing, coordinating, controlling, reviewing, evaluating, and improving the medical, administrative and support operations of the facility.

Some locations currently available for Medical Center Director openings:

• Buffalo, NY
• Albany, NY
• Syracuse, NY
• Asheville, NC
• Salisbury, NC
• Durham, NC
• Augusta, GA
• Ann Arbor, MI
• Biloxi, MS
• Shreveport, LA
• Dallas, TX
• Spokane, WA

Learn more about how to be considered for these positions.

VA encourages qualified candidates for medical center or network director positions to apply immediately by contacting the VHA Virtual Recruitment Center at 844-456-5208, or by submitting a résumé for consideration to

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