VA appoints new members to Veterans’ Advisory Committee on Education


VA announced the appointment of 12 new members to its Veterans Advisory Committee on Education today to be chaired by former U.S. senator James H. Webb.

“Senator Webb has consistently put Veterans first throughout his career,” said VA secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “He will bring outstanding experience and knowledge to the leadership of the committee.”

By statute, the committee advises the secretary on existing VA education benefit programs and services as well as any new programs and services. The committee submits its recommendations and reports to the secretary and may also submit reports to Congress.

“This committee is an extraordinary and diverse group of professionals who will bring their experiences and expertise for the good of our education programs,” Shulkin said.

Serving alongside Sen. Webb on the committee will be:

  • Vice Chairman Jared S. Lyon, president and CEO of Student Veterans of America;
  • Dawn Halfaker, founder and chief executive of Halfaker and Associates;
  • Dr. Sandra Harris-Hooker, vice president and senior associate dean at Morehouse School of Medicine;
  • Ashlynne Haycock, senior coordinator for Education Support Services for Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors;
  • Abby Kinch, Veteran student and president of the Florida State University Student Veterans of America chapter;
  • Jefferson Bingham Miller, senior legislative advisor at McDermott Will and Emery, former seven-term congressman and former chairman of the House Veterans Affairs Committee;
  • Dr. Javier Miyares, president of University of Maryland University College;
  • Jack Tilley, former sergeant major of the Army;
  • Robert E. Wallace, executive director, Veterans of Foreign Wars;
  • Dr. Joseph W. Westcott, executive director of the North Carolina State Approving Agency; and
  • Kyle Jerome White, seventh living recipient of the Medal of Honor from the War in Afghanistan.


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  1. Henry L Berchak    

    How stupid is this? Retired Federal Law Enforcement Officers not allowed to carry a weapon into a Federal building including VA facilities….if you can’t trust your own retired LEO’s who can you trust?

  2. Mark    

    I have some bad news for you. The world isn’t fair. There are a lot of unacceptable things that need changed and if that is your biggest complaint, you are doing pretty well. I’m hoping they do something about the state professional licensing issues. That is a more important complaint, don’t you think?

  3. Harvey Vern Smith    

    When a person such as Elizabeth Dole is appointed Chair Person what is her compensation package including all perks and what are the requirements of the Chair Person and finally who, if anyone oversees that the requirements are met ?

  4. Daniel Johnson    

    Do you think Hispanic veterans have different needs than Caucasian or African American veterans??? And what are those needs?

  5. Ernest Mendoza    

    The Hispanic committee membership is underrepresented and not reflective of the percentage of Hispanic military service and veterans of the United States. This is completely unacceptable and US representatives need to be put on notice of needed change. This is speaking to all the Departments of Defense & Veterans Affairs Hispanic leadership underrepresentation.

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