The Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System recently hosted its third annual Homeless-to-Housed Veterans Stand-Down. The yearly event presents a safe space for homeless Veterans to receive critical services in housing, health, employment and general well-being, with a focus on providing veterans permanent or interim housing options.

The stand-down is a collaborative event made possible by many community partners ranging from government agencies, such as the VA, to non-profits and businesses that contribute workers and resources for the occasion. Walt Disney and Lionsgate studios each donated a fleet of buses to transport Veterans from across the Greater Los Angeles area to and from the event.

Services provided at the stand-down ranged from employment and legal services to pet grooming and spa treatments.  The goal was to ensure attendees received all the information and council required to access critical housing services, as well as to ensure visitors had an enjoyable experience at the event. The fast food chain, In-N-Out Burger, set up a mobile unit that provided hundreds of meals to attendees and numerous artists and performers entertained guests throughout the day.

The Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System hopes to expand the event’s scope and size in years to come.

VA news releaseVA to host events across the country to reach homeless and at-risk Veterans
IMAGE: A homeless Veteran talks with volunteer during the annual PIT count.Communities around the country are doing their part to make sure no Veteran has to sleep on the streets

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  1. Ruben Caddell November 30, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    …In 1989 U had a house foreclosed on in Los Angeles bought under the VA GI Bill Program. Before I can can get no down funding again under the GI Bill for a house, I’m told I would have to pay the $27,000.00 back to the VA or try to get conventional funding. Is there anything I can do about getting a house..?

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