Modernizing VA to better serve Veterans


At VA, delivering a consistently positive experience for both our Veterans and our employees is a priority. That’s why we’re implementing initiatives to update our technological capabilities and shift workplace culture across the agency. According to Melissa Sue Glynn, the presidential nominee to lead VA’s Office of Enterprise Integration (OEI), modernizing systems and processes will “change how the department operates to foster agility and ensure appropriated resources deliver to our Veterans.”

Our efforts include plans to update VA’s IT infrastructure and shift to a commercial health records system, an ambitious undertaking likely to take several years. We’re also taking strides to mature organizational management capabilities, ensuring that VA leadership can make informed decisions and utilize resources most efficiently. And with the recent release of information on adverse employee actions since January 20, 2017, VA is proving its commitment to increased transparency, accountability and department culture reform.

VA is evolving day-by-day—and it’s all happening with the health and wellness of Veterans in mind. Now, you could be part of a team innovating new ways to provide Veterans the care and services they need, when they need it. If you have a passion for giving back to our nation’s heroes, explore our open positions and pursue one today.


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  1. Sylvester Jackson    

    Huge step for the VA however this must be a two pronged approach, changing attitudes of the staff while updating technology is a must. The staff cannot continue to act as if the veteran is there begging like it’s a welfare office. VA staff is in a position to serve the veteran not the other way around.

    Honor these Veterans, it’s shameful veterans leave there feeling even worse mentally as well as physically with all the stress of going to the VA made to feel they don’t know how they really feel or it’s in their heads.

    Do right by these Veterans they’ve put their pride aside to go and serve for you, staff pay it forward.

  2. Daniel Santos    

    VA In Phoenix talks a lot, no action. The Secretary adds more and more programs to cover their BAD service. I’m a 100% disabled vet and can’t get the care I need. The patient advocate just blows you off with no resolution and this has been going on for many years!!

  3. Gretchen Reinhardt    

    No amount of great technology is going to make much impact where VA operates on the principle of VA staff is always 100% right, therefore the veteran is wrong, like the Puget Sound VA does.

    As long as veterans have no “due process” in VA’s criminalization process called PRFs, and no chance to know what they are “VA Convicted” of, I say VA is still living in the dark ages.

    No other health entity does this to their patients; if they did, they wold be put out of business. VA needs to fix what already exists: let ALL patients have access to the Patient Advocate complaint system, not just the ones they like. Let patients have the ability to file VA Police reports against VA staff.

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