I was first introduced to Leaphy Khim through Got Your 6. She had shared her experiences at their Storytellers event in Los Angeles. Leaphy was born to Cambodian refugee parents and joined the military after Sept 11 as a way to give back to her parents’ adopted country.

Leaphy Khim is a first generation Cambodian American who was born and raised in south Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. As the youngest daughter in a family of 5 (3 brothers and 1 sister), she was constantly trying to prove to everyone that she can keep up and stand out. Leaphy had always develop a knack for doing things above and beyond the normal and sometimes the impossible. This is one of the reason why in 2002, she enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. From here, she received intense combat and weapons training through the Corps for more than 6 years. Now, she’s pursuing a career in Hollywood as an actress and stuntwoman. She even has a producer credit.

Entertainment is an industry that many Veterans venture into but is rarely spoken about when we talk about post-military careers and what Veterans are doing today. Leaphy gives us some insight to that experience.

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View Leaphy’s performance at Got Your 6 Storytellers:

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  1. Jay Tribett January 6, 2018 at 5:44 pm

    Leaphy Kim you are truly an amazing woman for all the that you do to reach out and help fellow Veterans and everything else that you do, I just want to Thank you so much for all that you do for mankind.
    Vietnam Veteran Army, Jay Tribett.

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