VA facilities now offer same-day care for urgent primary and mental health care needs


Today VA announced a major milestone, that 100 percent of its more than 1,000 medical facilities across the country now offer same-day services for urgent primary and mental health-care needs.

Same-day services means a Veteran with an urgent need for primary care and mental health-care receives services that may include: a face-to-face visit with a clinician; advice provided during a call with a nurse; a telehealth or video care visit; an appointment made with a specialist; or a prescription filled the same day, depending upon what best meets the needs of the Veteran.

“We made a commitment to our nation’s Veterans that we would work to reduce wait times and improve access, and we are doing it,” said VA Secretary Dr. David J. Shulkin. “We were able to meet this goal, in large part, because of the concerted focus of our staff who care for our Veterans in facilities across the country.”

Since 2014, VA has concentrated its efforts on improving access and meeting the urgent health-care needs of Veterans. In 2016, all of VA’s medical centers offered same-day services for primary and mental health services.

In addition to offering same-day services, VA has reduced patient wait times. VA also implemented a new process to ensure timely follow-up appointments for time-sensitive medical needs. More than 100,000 such appointments have been completed.

In 2017, Veterans completed over 57.5 million appointments and VA clinicians saw almost 6 million patients.

To view access information about each facility nationwide, visit The information provided at this link is not offered by any major national hospital organization in the country.


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  1. Soldier    

    Drive across town to VA urgent care . When there is a private urgent care up the street . Privatize the VA , I could use anyone I want !

  2. Don McArtor    

    I’ve been in VA health system since 2010 and have only had one problem. Otherwise, I’ve gotten very good care in Portland, OR. I’ve had good care on chronic problems and a cure for hepatitis. I say, Thanks VA for the care I couldn’t afford without you.

    1. Lee O’Neil    

      That is great to hear about Portland, OR VA. It gives us food for thought in the future.

  3. Pissed Off Caregiver    

    Tyler Texas CBOC has had ZERO docs for Primary Care since February 2017. I called today – still no docs one yes later. This article is bs.

    1. Pissed Off Caregiver    

      That should say YEAR, not yes.

  4. James R Voitik Sr    

    I lost all medical because of the Choice 40 program! I lost medical in Iowa City because I was not using the program. I was refused the program because I lived in Mo and it was the wrong VISIN? Now I was warned not to use it by the St Charles Mo. clinic and then refused any proper medical. I was instructed by my primary to continue meds that I stopped to prove I could but when call in to straighten out a problem, the nurse that answered the phone REFUSED. I was instructed to take two Tylenol and come back in two months. No doctor and Clair MacAskill’s directions was also refused. Explain why a Vet with three spinal injures can only be treated by a nurse on the phone??? St Charles MO. CLINIC? If this was heart meds I would be dead!

  5. Wayne G Lewis    

    I have been in VA medical care since 1972 when I was med-a-vaced from Bethesda Naval Hospital to the Brockton VAH. I have seen many changes in the system which are nearly all positive. If you’re unfamiliar with the the gov’t, you may expect less than perfect care. We’re dealing with humans, and medicine is a practice. I have also received medical care from private physicians and hospitals, and they too have deficiencies and some advantages.

    I have had my life saved from medical emergencies of pneumothorax, severe cyst of my leg and serious cases of pneumonia. I underwent kidney transplantation in the VA Pittsburgh and cardiac implant device in Boston. Since I’m 100% service connected, my wife has received good medical as well for a number of years. My medical care has been offered here in VIS1 and in Florida, Texas and California. There have some occasions that were less than ideal; but, overall the physicians, clinicians and nurses have demonstrated skill, dedication to duty and compassion. I thank God I’m alive and am a United States Marine.

    1. Lee O’Neil    

      Amen. It is not easy, private or VA navigating medical systems to provide the best for our SR Veterans.
      My husband, a 100% SR Marine is currently in a Ventura California hospital.
      We are grateful to the VA, but there is room for more improvement and theory doesn’t always work in reality. But, we go on…
      Good luck to you and your wife.

  6. Frank Terrill    

    I must say that my vet husband has received good care especially from the Dole VAin Wichita KS also the Columbia MO VA hospital and the Mather VA hospital facility just out of Sacramento, CA. The Redding CA V A clinic is also to be commended. We live very remotely in N California and received good care through Veterans Choice too. We are very thankful for all of this, including service at the San Francisco VA hospital.

  7. Retarded Vet    

    LOL, the VA needs to be abolished. Nobody will ever be able to fix it. Period, end of sentence.

  8. PAUL    

    Calling!!!Put on hold!! Calling put on hold again…When you get someone on the phone for an appointment,they have no clue what they are doing.Welcome to the VA…
    Same day help!!!Really….

  9. K.A. Markovitch    

    Can’t even see the doctor that did my sleep study, under choice let alone an appointment in under 60 days . Please get serious ,have to drive 2 hrs for eye or ear never see same day mental health. Can’t get patient advocate to even return a phone call, if there is one. Your in a down hill slide but list all this greatness you sound like Trump is writing your promos.

  10. James Tyler    

    Is there a category for song lyrics only? Where do I enter, I live in Oakland California. James Tyler

  11. Ronnie Kelly    

    Remember combat veterans, these VA sites are propaganda – designed for public consumption, feel good about yourselves administrators who sit round the table thinking of ways to publicize VA achievements. Then order others to account for these feel good incidents of propaganda with all these stories.

    Do this task for a several months: Read these publicity stunts only. Then describe your emotions. If you drink the Kool-aide, you will think the VA is the best doctor in the house. Whereas, the truth is that local Clinics mostly house doctors who fail at private practice.

    Or, do this task: Find the total number of combat veterans, etc., in other words, the ratio probably would be enlightening. Or, success would be so minuscule that all this propaganda would be exposed for what it is – easily.

    Protect most Nurses, though. These dedicated people are on the front line, in the foxhole, every moment of their presence in the VA.

  12. Gretchen Reinhardt    

    This service may be available to MOST veterans, but after I was retaliatory flagged by Puget Sound VA in Washington state, this does NOT apply to me. In fact as of 2013, I am automatically rejected from American Lake PACC without any explanation: sometimes after only a few words, or just kicked out after trying to register, without a chance to talk to anyone. This is the secret policy of Dr Vivek Jain.

    No matter who I complain to at what level of VA, no one cares about this long standing issue.

    1. Cruz, Carlos    

      What you need to do is get with DAV & see what they can do for you or call the media to expose their behavior issue with a VET. This shut never be accepted. Good look Brother

      1. Robert Jones    

        Brother, get in touch with your Senators & U. S. Congressional House members! They don’t like being embarrassed on national TV!

  13. Mark R Klouda    

    this is a joke I just tried to schedule an appointment with the optometrist in Puerto Rico it’s probably cuz I didn’t do it in Spanish but it says doctors don’t monitor this they probably monitor the Spanish site

  14. David Hencke    

    Hi folks:

    If “In 2016, all of VA’s medical centers offered same-day services for primary and mental health services.” then what is the news story about today? Is the message that same day services are being offered at all the CBOCs as well?

    thank you,

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