VA career tips: showing empathy for patients and your coworkers


At VA, we’re committed to ensuring an environment where everyone feels both valued and understood, whether it’s our patients or our employees. And a big part of this commitment is showing empathy for our Veterans and each other.

By putting yourself in someone else’s shoes, you can better understand that person’s challenges, emotions and actions. This leads to meaningful, in-depth conversations that can help build healthy relationships and strong morale. That’s why it’s important to always keep the following tips in mind:

Be an active listener
Fully concentrate on what is being said and give responses that further the conversation. Also, be sure to remember what was discussed for future reference.

Maintain eye contact
Not only does this show that you’re listening, it also helps you tune into non-verbal cues that can reveal an individual’s emotional state. This makes you more likely to respond with appropriate comments or questions.

Don’t assume anything
Just because you imagine yourself in someone’s situation doesn’t mean you know exactly what they’re going through. So instead of jumping to conclusions, hear the whole story first. That way, you can take everything into consideration before offering any advice.

These tactics are essential to being empathetic, one of the most desirable qualities VA looks for when interviewing potential candidates for open positions. Ready to show how much you truly care? Pursue an opportunity with us today.


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  1. Richard Zakosky    

    Changing my life is what V A. Vocational rehabilitation educational training is for. Wellness and vocational enrichment program is work therapy. Substance abuse mental illness is in depth counseling and research. I lasted 8 1/2 years and very proud of my accomplishments. I truly stood up for those accomplishments and will not regret anything, that’s being a true American hero, which I know I am.

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