eBenefits continues to achieve milestones: 7 million registered users


Last month, eBenefits hit the 7 million registered users mark. To put this number into perspective, that’s nearly three times the number of people who fly in and out of U.S. airports each day. We are proud to have reached this milestone, and we attribute much of the success to aggressive outreach efforts and the continued support of the Department of Defense (DoD).

The joint VA/DoD web portal provides resources and self-service capabilities to service members, Veterans and their families. This makes it a go-to tool and resource for the military and Veteran communities.

On-demand services and access to vital benefits information is just one way VA and DoD are enhancing the lives of service members, Veterans and their families.

Through the use of their DS Logon or Common Access Card, users view the status of their disability compensation claims, transfer post-9/11 GI Bill entitlement and much more via eBenefits. Having secure, online options free of charge puts the military and Veteran communities in the driver’s seat when it comes to handling their benefits.

Since its inception, eBenefits users have accumulated an impressive set of statistics. There have been nearly 105 million visits to the site since October 2009. While logged on, Veterans have generated over 88.6 million claim status views and over 12.9 million appeals status views since early 2011.  Giving Veterans the power to access updates and information related to their claims and appeals provides them with insight and up-to-the-minute involvement in the process.

The goal of eBenefits has always been to give Veterans greater access to their benefits information in one convenient online portal. With well over one million Home Loan Certificates created, and more than 20 million VA letters generated, the impact this joint portal is having on the lives of Veterans is clear. eBenefits users can also access medical information, order prescription medications, check Post-9/11 GI Bill enrollment status and more.

Service members are also benefiting from registering with eBenefits. They can transfer post-9/11 education benefits, view their Servicemembers’ Group Life Insurance, and apply for benefits.  Additionally, family members can conveniently obtain updates on compensation claims status, check VA payment history and view Post-9/11 enrollment status.

The continued growth of the eBenefits web portal shows the importance of increasing access to VA benefits. VA and DoD continue to team up with the goal of placing the power of information and control into the hands of those who have earned these valuable benefits. From easily updating contact information to viewing benefit verification letters, the ability to put users in control of their information illustrates the ongoing, shared commitment of VA and DoD to helping the Veteran and military communities use and manage their benefits.

About the author: This article was provided by the Veterans Benefits Administration’s Benefits Assistance Service. Commonly known referred to as BAS, the office conducts outreach, web communications, transition assistance, and ensures quality training for VBA employees who engage with service members, Veterans and their families through client services such as the National Call Center.


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  1. Clayton G. Ryder    

    I think e.benefits has good intentions, but good intentions does not get me the information that I need. There seems to be a short circuit between the VA and ebenfits. I’ve been trying to get to the direct deposit section for over a year without success. If it’s not up and running, TAKE IT OFF LINE UNTIL IT CAN BE FIXED. Don’t keep telling me to check back later. This is just one example of the many problems with this website. Clayton, Verona, VA.

  2. Neil Anderson    

    Out of 7 million registered users, how many are actually able to access anything? I have always found eBenefits to be clunky, slow, unresponsive, hard to navigate and the most user unfriendly site I have been on- even the Social Security Administration has a better web presence. And good luck getting anybody on the phone to help you with anything. I typically wait at least 35 to 40 minutes before I actually get a human being to talk to, and even then my chances of getting the info I need are slim. I gave up on eBenefits months ago.

  3. Robert Bartlett    

    Please if you are a vet in real need please try to reach out to the local churches and non profits to get the help you need> Jesus please help these veterans in need of your love. Amen

  4. Terry L. Smith    

    I have been waiting for the last 2 years on a reply from my appeal with the VA its like I have been forgotten and push away for some reason really could use some help.

  5. willie selby    

    Im 100% permanent and total. Type 2 diebetic. Still waiting waiting for approval for outside care gor fooy ulcers. Wth wait intil a leg is amputated? Help!

  6. Thomas Richard O'Dell    

    What a shame the BS we have to go thru for something that we earned, I have been fighting for benefits since 1959 for TBI received in auto accident just after returning from Korea, it’s now 2018 83 years old and still no help, the only thing
    I can figure out they are waiting for me to DIE then will not have to pay me.

  7. Gerald Reno Knight    

    This is my first time using this online blog.
    I hope this online service does what it is intended to do! My concern is or can VA assist me and other veterans in getting benefits from non connective service medical issues that limit one from gainful employment.

  8. George Robert Castaneda    

    Has anything been done about adding Bladder Cancer to the list of eligible , It was mentioned last year that they would be looking at adding it for the many veterans who are suffering with it from Agent Orange in Vietnam.

    Thanks, George

  9. Samuel    

    7 million is great, kudos! But the article doesn’t mention how many total eligible users eBenefits could have? 7 million out of how many total?

  10. q    

    It is admirable what the DoD and the VA have done for veterans making online services and information available. Too bad almost fifty percent of our veterans have no idea how to use them or find them. Let’s consider a few things. eBenefits is very confusing for most veterans. Veterans do not have a Common Access Card (CAC) so they have to create a DS Login which appears very much like a DoD thing than a VA thing. Too bad the VA didn’t have a Veteran Access Card (ID) that could be used by veterans on all VA sites where login is required (MyHealtheVet included). One user name, one password for all accounts. Being that the average age of a veteran in the US is approximately 61 and consist of mostly Vietnam Combat and Era veterans we should consider that at least 50% of the over 60 veteran population are not computer literate. (Definition: Manage an email account effectively, use a browser to find and use website services without frustration, use a search engine effectively, understand document types like MS Word and Adobe Reader, understand how to fill out pdf forms, print them, scan them, save them, and attach them to an email letter, and so on)

    I have been working with Veterans for years now. It strikes me as sadly funny how a veteran can create a MyHealtheVet account at a VA Hospital facility walk out with a username and a password written on a business card sized green piece of paper and with many that is pretty much the extent of it. Many never remember how to access the account and some only do once or twice. Creating a DS Login requires a high level of understanding. Most veterans are gone when it gets to the part about answering the questions which actually come from their credit history, if they have one.

    It is nice eBenefits has over 7 million accounts opened. If you really want to impress me show me the other demographics. How many Veteran accounts, active duty, reserves, contractors and so on. How many of these accounts are actively being used? What is the age break down on accounts being used? How many weekly, monthly, or yearly logins. (That info should be somewhere in the database).
    How many Veteran Services Officers (VSO, CVSO, or Agents) can help a veteran create and account and actually show the veteran how to use it?

    From the NTIA “This could be an indication that getting more veterans online will require a unique form of outreach and education. It is also consistent with the older age distribution of veterans compared with their peers.”


    Many of our Vietnam Veterans are still using their flip phones and say that have no need for technology.

    If we are going to have all these veteran online services, VA websites, online benefit applications, etc… It may behove us to teach the veterans how to use them. It may behove us to make them user friendly (ux index) and not frustrate them to the point of never even attempting to use these online services after a couple of failed attempts.

  11. David Matthews    

    Awesome tool and so much help to Veterans. Thank you for keeping us updated

  12. Joseph Artis    

    I am a former U.S. service member who served my country for over 3 years and a few months on a 4 year Term,and was given a OTH discharge, and my I add I served during war time, and they are giving me a hard time in getting my discharge up graded and this has been well over 2 decades ago

  13. Raymond Day    

    I don’t deny eBenefits is a good web site, it just needs refined. It’s crazy to have to change your password every 90 days. My banks do not even require that. It also needs a drop down menu to get to places like battery ordering. In it’s present form it’s much to difficult.

  14. Queen Hall    

    I haven’t had any luck with ebenefits. I’ve called and written them several time with only negative results.


    Dear VA, why can’t you approve of my disability claim? [ Justice S. Stewart, LTC, US A rmy (ret), SSN:REDACTED
    It’s been over 12 years since my claim was submitted to you. All is in my med record. What gives?
    Thanks, – J.S. Stewart


    Great deception tool. The VA is a racket to manipulate billions of tax dollars. I was active duty airborne infantry for 20 years: Desert Storm, OEF and OIF. Severely injured back, knees, and lost all hearing in ear from blasts. Retired in 2005 and made VA claim. All injuries denied even though everything in my med records clearly show all injuries and treatments. The VA is one of the world’s largest criminal syndicate. – JUSTICE S. STEWART LTC US ARMY RETIRED

  17. David Gnuschke    

    I’m still waiting on information on how to get my VA card. I went into the Navy January 4, 1971 and left the service November 2, 1984. I’ve been to the VA multiple times and can’t even get a card.

  18. Ja Dee John HUber    

    It sure would be nice if veteran benefits wasn’t based on income? I served for 23 1/2 years, Vietnam veteran, honorable discharge and wanted to make an appointment for a nutritionist. Once the VA discovered I made over the “monetary threshold” they showed me the door. The VA is a poor excuse for helping veterans!

  19. REGGIE LIBBY    


  20. Diane PM Daniels    


    My benefits were not accurately determined when I retired in 2002. I was seen in 2005 since the VA was closed on base the day I was to go there. Then, when I went to the VA the provider administrated the wrong tests. As a nurse practitioner, I now realize he was not competent. The next time I accessed the VA (a contract facility) all of my concerns were not addressed. I work for a living and have trouble getting my disability correct. It has been 16 years and I am totally frustrated. Please offer assistance if possible.

    Thank you

  21. Timothy Richard Mckinnis    

    I want to sign up for E Benefits program . Can I do it on line , by phone , etc. ? Thank you for your reply .

  22. Reinaldo Jimenez-Linares    

    Send me the form to file.
    I really need suport, all types, financially, emotionaly, medical, etc. etc.

    For one thing I am legally blind and can no navigate your site. Please help me, I live alone.

    Look forward to hear from you or your representative.

    This is:
    Reinaldo Jimenez-Linares

    1. Robert Bartlett    

      Hi Reinaldo
      My name is Robert, I do not work for the VA but am on the board of some non profits that maybe can help. Can you reach me via email (redacted). thx

  23. Carlen R Walker, Jr    

    My nails on my foot are only being cared for. The bottom are my responsibility. Hard spots(callous)
    are my responsibilities. Is this so? Where can I read to
    Increase my patient care without causing problems.

  24. Raymond hargraves    

    I don’t believe it I’ve tried

  25. Richard a Clements    

    I am going blind because of a failed lazer eye procedure a doctor cut a muscle and tendon in my back I have broken toes and a skin infection that dermatology after 5 visit 6 visits to er that still have no clue and they wounded why us veterans are so mad and they will not let me talk to the ceo it’s not right

  26. Roger Lee Olson    

    I have had a VA disability claim appeal in process for over a year now. Last communication from the VA regarding any action on the claim was in October, 2017 and nothing since. I sent in evidence with my appeal to the Evidence Intake Center in Janesville, WI back in June, 2017. The letter I received stated a local VA office would try and resolve my disagreement through the Post-Decision Review Process, have heard nothing from the DRO. I am not sure what to do next.
    I tried to access claim information on-line and it said that my personal information was not found in DEERS. Really would like some help getting information regarding my disability claim.

  27. Clarence Thomas    

    I need a copy of my VA Compensation letter, but I am having trouble obtaining it even if I have a VA Health Account with a password. My last four are 9054. Thank You..

  28. Clarence Thomas    


  29. Judy Blandy    

    How do I find out who my Father’s social worker is in Sun City, Arizona? He is a World War II veteran and I am trying to see what benefits he is eligible for?

  30. Luther C Crane    

    Reaching 7 million is not reflective of effectiveness … My experience with the process has not been favorable … As with any part of VA, specifics are never available.

  31. Kenneth McHenry    

    I need your assistance purchasing a house for myself and my wife. I am an 82-3/4 year old Korean War veteran who has has a number of credit challenges since the 2008 housing crisiswhen l lost my home. We have a combined net income of $70k but we just keep running into barriers in increasing our credit scores to a level that would make us VA-credit worthy. I’m severely hearing impaired and cannot hear over the phone, but you can call my wife at to further discuss this matter. Please help me buy a home!

  32. Samuel Sorrels    

    It would have been nice to have a link to your article so that Veterans could sign up for ebenefits.

  33. MIKE KNOX    


  34. Anthony T Key    

    I haven’t been able to get into my ebenefits account for over a year now. I called numerous times and was told they are backed up.
    What’s up with this

  35. Carl Hutchison    

    Health wise my wife, a vet and myself enjoy the new Butler, Pa. Wellness center. We use basically all the equipment in the gym.

    Our goals are to improve our flexibility, lose a few pounds and put the winter dull runs behind

    It seems this Pa. Winter is never going to end

  36. Charles Martin    

    Thanks for the info…
    1SG Chuck Martin (Ret USA)

  37. Mark grason    

    Fix web site its to hard to do thanks

  38. Mark    

    I think their math is off. The average football stadium holds 70,000 people. So a 7M membership on ebenefits would mean that the membership would fill the stadium 100 times; not 70,000 times.

  39. Rene Vasquez    

    Great way of obtaining information for Veterans.

  40. Donna May Lynn    

    I have not been able to log on to my eBenefits and over a year-and-a-half because I don’t know my login information anymore is there anyway to find out how to get my login information or to reset it or something so I can log on to eBenefits again if so please let me know thank you

  41. Robert A. Foy    

    My Tucson Veteran’s care and eBenefits programs are outstanding.

    My Tucson East clinic, Doctor Ramirez, and team have been outstanding since its inception.

    My original physician, Dr Magid Mikhail, was also one of the best medical practitioners I have ever had in my lifetime. I attempted to keep in touch with him after he retired but was unable to do so. If anyone knows how I could find him I would much appreciate it.

    Even specialty teams like the CPAP crew have served me well and above the call of duty.

    Thank you for the best American Health plan. Keep up the good work!

    God Bless,


  42. Leon Santiago Martinez    

    I have been waiting for an open Appeal Status since 9/26/2016, and all I get is Description:
    This indicates that you have completed all actions necessary to send your appeal to the Board, and it is awaiting intake at the Board. I thought the “Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017” was going to expedite the Appeals Procedure. What is the Problem. I tried to get into the RAMPS program, but was told i had to be invited. I would like to get invited into the RAMPS system to see if that will help me with my Appeal.

    Leon Martinez

  43. Kevin    

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that you’ve positively effected all your users. That would be a little disingenuous.

  44. James B Gregory    

    I heard a report on national news that veterans during Vietnam Era that were required to burn human waste should go to there local VAMC and get on a register like the Agent Orange register. I went to my Dublin Georgia VAMC to register and they didn’t know any thing about it. When will this register be available? Many of our veterans during the Vietnam Era have many respiratory problems that probably stem from this. Please advise.


  45. DENNIS mike chipchase    

    Thank you for all the help this past year you have given.

  46. William J Buchan    

    How do I go about getting applications for something I might need dearly.

  47. Stephen Riley    

    I am a vet
    ..I make to much money.not me my wife.i can’t get va care because of priority 8g
    .we didn’t graduate high school…ged..I was told when I went to clinic awhile back
    I had a recurring foot injury.i just can’t win
    ..seems like it would be better to get divorced..then I could be a veteran to go to clinic

  48. Gordon W. Hoeton    

    Why can’t you go to just one VA site and post your change of address. I changed it in E-Benefits and that did not change it a in any VA facility. As I travel back n forth every year from Alabama to Florida and back I have to go online with each VA facility and change me address twice a year. Why don’t the VA facilities talk to each other. The one in Florida will not mail my prescriptions to Alabama unless I call the pharmacy for each drug. Also the Dr’s in Florida can not see what the Dr’s in Alabama wrote. Luckly they can see the lab work.

  49. James K. Rasmussen    

    Myself, would like to know..
    Is there a Break-Down/Listing for each “Percentage from: 10% to 100%.
    In which one would Qualify. For each time. When a Person get’s a NEW..Percentage increase.
    What is it involves. Yes, Myself, Lives in “Oregon”. I know’s the Break-Down for the State Benefit’s.
    If a Person was at “20%-VA Rated” then in turn gets “50%-VA Rated” to
    an 100%. Can They go Back-To School. What about Air Travel on an “Hop”/Space–A”. Any Where there
    is a Base. Dental..I believe 100%?? One more, what about Kids/Up to a Certain Age, and Spouse.
    Thank You

  50. Al Monroe Macklin    

    I have a request pending for compensation what help or information can you provide me ?
    Please advise

  51. William Burnette    

    E-benefits hates me It throws me out so I’ve not used it for some time now. This is the second message I’ve tried to post because the Captcha Code hates me also

  52. chrrles walker    

    E-Benefit’s hasn’t done one thing to help me I have never received a response from them no messages I could not sign up for the new program where you receive a quick response to a appeal or claim and I don’t under why it takes seven years to get a negative answer to an appeal or claim and now I have to wait another seven years for another appeal the veterans administration and it’s employee’s are waiting for veterans to pass away I lost a very old friend who was waiting on the va to give him a decision on a claim so he passed away and seven to nine days after his burial the va sent a check to his daughter who was his care-taker he was gone and the va let him down as he was buried the grave digger was not the last one to let him down it was the veterans administration who was the last one to let him down sad,sad,sad,

  53. Eddie Sanchez    

    This is the the first time I have been on this website. It’s very positive tool to help me in the benefits that can help me as a veteran. Thanks very much for the information that will help me as a veteran.

  54. Michael Philip Oliver    

    The V.A. is disintegrating as we proceed in time and history, unfortunately.
    Their discordance in the news media daily and today; 3/9/2018.
    There future answer lies in “the system” which has NOT been perfected yet; or even yet totally compatible.
    Bob McDonald was hot on the trail; but post-partum politics took him out in a snit.
    Dr. Shulkin is a good man; principled albeit hobbled now by inside and outside squabbling or worse.
    “30 Days” for Your Claim, eh? Remarkable, since mine is now going onto 12 years;
    oh! mine is an Appeal, Not a Claim; and what’s the difference you say?
    Only since 1988 when the late Ronald Reagan signed the legislation; did veterans then stand a chance in the “system”;
    that they could appeal any decision to a higher authority; the last ones being the Federal Court system.
    Mine will soon go back into the wine press of legal scrutiny; I hope they are as prepared as I am; even as Pro Se/ Pro per..

  55. Robert Nagley    

    Key thing is to make sure you get the Premium account through your MyHealthEvets coordinator at your VA. We all have many times told our doctors 5-6 things but the doctor only annotates 2 things and lists “patient denies” for everything else. You can use the “secure messaging” to message your doctor that you didn’t deny something and get your voice heard.

    Also, you can pull your records to include X-ray and mri results. My civilian doctor I see outside the VA was impressed saying “of all the vets I see, you are the only one that manages to pull out the records from the VA for me to see which significantly helps with treatment.”

    I have been seeing him for 14 years because of my perception that VA doctors only want to “pop pills at us and send us home.” While I have seen this to be true in many cases, they also have to follow the Medicare guidelines I was told. In other words your civilian doctor (using your private insurance and money) will give you knee replacements no problem, but the VA has to go thru steps such as giving you braces, canes, etc before they give the knee replacements even though that’s the known end result.

    Not to also mention you can use MyHealthEvets to refill your scripts, see your next appts so you don’t miss them, and view anything regarding your healthcare.

  56. tom lyons    

    We are sending this to you bill H.R.164 that us 100% disable veterans that have Total & Permanent service connection disables with Honorable Discharge.
    We have been fighting over 20 yrs to get though congress .We write to our senate &
    congress & the only time we get any response is during election time. But as you can see in the bill below that there is a lot of people that get this that has never been in the Military we just don’t understand how they can get this & we can’t.

    Petition Background: BILL H.R. 164
    The Space-Available Travel Program is a means by which members of United States Uniformed Services (US Military Service Members, Reservists, National Guard and Military Career Retirees, Convalescing service members, Metal of Honor winners and so on are eligible to travel on aircraft under the jurisdiction of the United States Department of Defense when excess capability allows. Meaning when all personnel TDY or PCS orders have been filled and space for transporting supplies & equipment are met. Any additional seats which would of remain empty can then be made available to anyone in the above uniform service members categories. This is a benefit that’s been made possible to enhance the quality of life for the men and women who serve our country in the uniform services.

    But, unfortunately for decades now, our Service Connected Disabled Veterans who have been rated 100% Permanent & Total, who served our country and were honorable discharge. Have been passed over and DENIED, the benefit of the Space A Flight Program and the use of these available seats while the category list of eligibility has grown to include DoD Civilian employees, Contractors, Boy Scout Leaders, USO Athletes & Entertainers, Jr & Reg ROTC cadets, teachers, foreign military, the media, non profit organizations, and so on. The list is just endless of all those who have been extended this benefit over the years, which mind you, none have ever served in the U.S. armed services.

    Please Help! Its time to right this wrong and amend DoD 4515.13-R to include a Category 7 eligibility for our P/T 100% Service Connected Disabled American Veterans, so they too can enjoy the benefit of the Space A Travel Program and help to enhance the quality of their life!

  57. Christopher Taggart    

    From what I heard, eBenefits is a good tool to use, but what happens and who do you call if you are locked out of your account? Up until a few years ago, I didn’t even know I had one. I’ve tried to get on it, but I am locked out and I do not have a CAT card anymore.

  58. Jerry Werth    

    I have a pending disability compensation claim and have had no luck signing up on eBenefits. I even went to the VA Office in Phoenix AZ and they could not help me figure out why I couldn’t access my information! My claim was submitted 9 months ago. I’m currently hospitalized for my cancer issues and would like to know the status of my claim and why it is taking so long.

  59. Howard W. White    

    eBenefits for me has been a nightmare. My documents have disappeard 2 times since I enrolled on March 2017 and are still not available to me. I can’t tell you how many telephone calls I have made to eBenefits customer support pleading with them to reinstate my documents and the ability to access my payment information. All I get is lip service saying they are working on it. It’s been over a year and they tell me it could take up to three years before I have the ability to look at my documents and pay information. eBenefits is broken and so is customer service. So sad.

  60. David A Brower    

    You will never hear me say a bad word against the Veterans Administration

    1. John Smith    

      Don’t worry, we will do it for you!

  61. Fred D. Davis    

    I have received bad treatment since I moved to Montery and lack of follow up on several problems several of the staff has beem RUDE to me I have PTSD, no treatment back pain NO treatment sleep acume NO treatment home phone is (redacted)


    1.) Why doe the doctors at the VA will not document facts on a veterans condition and the vet is told that they cannot do anything that would help the veteran to increase their deserved percentage? The doctors blame the Congress which others never heard of that. Why is this happening to the Honorable veterans have to continue to suffer when other vets say that veterans should be eligible.

  63. Donald Wetherington    

    I wish told That I had new medical benefits even though I had a medical discharge

  64. Donald Wetherington    

    I have been told that I have no medical benefits even though I had a medical discharge

  65. James R Orbin Jr    

    This site is a joke. No info is updated on regular basis. Middle guy at least. Waiting almost 6 yrs for a hearing and you can’t even give timely updates. Be for real and let’s appauld someone or group who really deserves the praise. You have accumulated 7 million by not fulfilling your obligations.

  66. winston scheer    

    how do I sign up for ebenefits?

  67. winston scheer    

    how do I sign up for Ebenefits? I am a Korean conflict veteran.

  68. Roy Marzano    

    Great tool to get answers.

  69. Melissa Milich    

    Is it possible to nominate a Veteran for your Veteran of the Day post?

    1. Gary Hicks    

      Nominate a Veteran for #VeteranOfTheDay

      Do you want to light up the face of a special Veteran? Have you been wondering how to tell your Veteran they are special to you? You’re in luck! VA’s #VeteranOfTheDay social media feature is an opportunity to highlight your Veteran and his/her service.

      It’s easy to nominate a Veteran. All it takes is an email to newmedia@va.gov with as much information as you can put together, along with some good photos. Visit our blog post about nominating to learn how to create the best submission.

    2. Jule Westcott    

      Ebenefits needs to improve. Let us veterans every month if we are going to get paid like Social security does. Also we can recieve messages but not allowed to send messages.

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