VA Careers Facebook Chat: rural opportunities


A quarter of America’s Veterans live in rural areas, and VA is committed to increasing their access to timely, quality health care. Working and living outside the big city comes with plenty of perks, from greater affordability to safer, less crowded environments. We encourage you join us for an upcoming Facebook chat to learn more about available positions with VA in rural communities nationwide.

VA Careers Rural Opportunities Live Chat
April 18th | 2:00-3:00 PM EST

Don’t miss this chance to meet our recruiters and ask them any questions you may have about our hiring process. Following the event, we invite you to pursue a career with VA—you’ll enjoy the same outstanding benefits as all VA providers as well as competitive compensation, groundbreaking research opportunities and more. Experience the joy of serving the brave men and women who served our country. To get started now, send your resume to our Virtual Recruiting Center at or explore our open positions and apply at


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  1. Mike Johnston    

    Colonel Snyder – step down and have a seat – you offer no real assistance – (I read his comment perfectly sir)

    Earl – find the VA rep for your county usually located in the county seat – make an appointment with him & let him know the problems you are having with your house – he may not be able to correct anything by himself, but at least he will know in which direction to forward your request for assistance –

  2. Colonel Snyder    

    Earl, first, you should find someone who can better articulate your grievance. As written here, it’s difficult to read and doesn’t make good sense. Until then, don’t write any more commentary yourself.

  3. Owens Earl Jr    

    Who can I talk to about my the home I bout 4 years ago as a veteran I though I would be protected better it was inspected and pass but the air conditioner never work properly and after thousand of dollar it still not working wright who can I turn to

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