Nearly $700 million in state Veterans home funding leads to new construction projects

Funding represents largest appropriation in program’s history


Recently VA announced that it will use $685 million in funding from Congress to fund several state Veterans home construction projects through the VA State Veterans Home Construction Grant Program.

The new funding can be used where needed for repairs, renovation or new construction, and is part of an Omnibus Bill that represents the largest allocation to the more than 50-year-old State Veterans Home Construction Grant Program; funding for the program has averaged $94 million over the last five years. The State Veterans Home Construction Grant Program provides up to 65 percent of the cost to build and renovate facilities.

“This program has been operating with a backlog of applications for construction projects,” said VA Acting Secretary Robert Wilkie. “This new allocation will let us fund projects on our priority list, many of which have been waiting for years. We thank Congress for its commitment and support of Veterans across the country.”

Plans for the new funding include at least 52 projects including bed replacement projects in Massachusetts, Michigan and Wisconsin; life safety projects in Ohio, Oklahoma and Texas; new construction projects in Arizona, Hawaii, Illinois, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia; and general renovation projects in Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Vermont and Wisconsin.

“As the largest appropriation in the more-than 50-year history of this program, it demonstrates just how strongly President Donald Trump cares for and is keeping his promises to our nation’s Veterans,” Wilkie said.


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  1. Keith Washington    

    However any program that helps veterans is worth are attention. It’s a damn shame you want these people who are helping us to jump when you want them to. No that’s not the way it works. In America which she is always been the country of the free. Things happen and patience is a virtue. If you can’t find help search on google, apple, or bing. There is a lot of help and programs out there for us veterans we just got to stop being babies and start asking for help. acknowledge we’re humans that have been through a lot. That doesn’t mean it’s owed to us. It’s the service you gave for this country. That’s why it’s given to us back reach out and grab. Let America give what they feel you deserve. Because if we had are choice the moon is possible. But it takes time to get there. Patience

  2. George Briner    

    Is this a politcal commitment? Details are fuzzy

  3. Larry McDowell    

    I would like to enroll. My house needs serious work….

  4. karen    

    No California and yet we pay the highest taxes.

  5. Joe Michael    

    How an were do you put in for this program ? Joe

  6. Robert Tetrault    

    I believe they are talking about Nursing homes. Not single family homes.

  7. Jean Conway    

    Across the country projects were built to accommodate veterans returning from WWll.
    They are building projects again.
    All inclusive, efficient, housing for veterans in barracks on VA Campus’ around the country. Just like being on a base. It’s cheaper than providing them compensation to live in the civilian community.
    More division.
    More $ for the deep pockets of Chief Caligula.

  8. Edward Caver    

    If they have all this money to build homes, then why do we still have homeless Veterans.?

  9. Capt Ralph Smith USMC (RET)    

    I have no objection to giving our president credit for improvement to State Veterans Homes as needed. Without his backing many good projects might never see the light of day!

  10. Bruce A Loomer    

    Well the VA did not give a damn about me when they took away my unemployability and perament disability status because I did not return a form they supposedly sent last March 2017 which happened to be the month my Wife and I lost our home to forclosure and were forced to move and I never got there Damned form.

    1. Bruce A Loomer    

      I have not worked since 2001 what to they expect us to live on now $1579.00 a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Donnie Hill    

    Ref: VA provided homes. Where are the homes located? How to apply for one? What are the requirements?

    U.S. Veteran


    Funded from Congress, (that would be us, the taxpayers,) ,,, to fund several, (I count over 30 states mentioned,) … while the tag graph gives all the credit to POTUS, Was this news release written by an intern? Amazing that the Acting Secretary would let this fly.



    1. Bruce A Loomer    

      Are you saying that they shouldn’t have relesed the funding??

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