#BorneTheBattle 99: Benefits Breakdown – Community Engagement, Homeless Programs


VA is very active in addressing and attempting to prevent Veteran homelessness. We hold a “no wrong door” policy, which allows Veterans to touch base with any point of contact at VA with confidence they will be guided to our resources and services to assist them. The longer I work here, and the more I speak with fellow employees, the more I realize this matter is important to everyone here, whether or not they’re directly involved.

In December, I brought on my colleague to discuss VA’s approach to communicating homeless resources to Veterans and their communities. This week, I speak with Anthony Love, Director of Community Engagement for VHA’s Homeless Programs. He and I discuss how VA delivers these resources, benefits, and services to Veterans that are homeless or at-risk for homelessness. Anthony helps us understand what it means to be at-risk for homelessness and how communities are ending Veteran homelessness.

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Timothy Lawson

Timothy Lawson has been a member of VA’s Digital Media Engagement team since April 2016 and is the host of VA’s official podcast, Borne the Battle. He graduated from American University’s School of Communications in 2016 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Tim is a Marine Corps Veteran having served as a Marine Security Guard posted at embassies in Algeria, Russia, and Peru.


  1. Amber Westphal    

    Bonnie Chapo, research why these programs aren’t being implemented there and maybe offer to work for them to see it happen.

  2. Bonnie Chapo    

    Just wondering if anyone has introduced the staff of either Fort Smith, AR. or Fayetteville AR to the homeless program as nobody seems to know anything about it. I have been told several times by various staff at both locations that they don’t have any of the resources mentioned on these VA websites. But it makes interesting reading and I enjoy fiction.

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