Continuing the theme of memorializing those that have served our country and passed, we’re going to talk more about the Veterans Legacy Program. Last week, Bryce Carpenter laid the ground work last week by explaining the creation and development of the program, as well as the impact it has as an educational tool. This week we talk with Kenneth Holliday, who works with the Veterans Legacy Program at the National Cemetery Administration. He is also a proud Army Veteran, having served in the Infantry with deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ken shares his experience of service, his transition out, how he first got involved with the Veterans Legacy Program, and how his experience has been with the program since joining VA. He also shares some unique stories that he’s discovered through his research, as well as some of the challenges that come with creating content for Veterans who have passed.

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Veterans Legacy Program - Borne the Battle#BorneTheBattle 105: Benefits Breakdown – Veterans Legacy Program
IMAGE: Dr. Levi Sowers is with the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Visual Loss at the Iowa City VA Health Care System. Some of his research uses optogenetics, which manipulates cells through the use of light. (Photo by Susan McClellen)Iowa study aims to help Veterans with TBI struggling with migraines, light sensitivity

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