This June, VA joins the nation in recognizing Men’s Health Month—a time to spread awareness of preventable health issues and encourage early detection of disease among men and boys. Activities including screenings, media appearances, health fairs and other educational and outreach events will be held to teach men how to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. At VA, we’re proud to provide quality care and compassion to over 17 million male Veterans, and every day, we empower them to take charge of their health through daily exercise, a balanced diet, stress management and regular medical exams.

Are you interested in supporting our Veterans and advancing the future of Veteran care? From research and clinical roles to administrative and support positions, VA offers careers that connect your passion with real purpose. Along the way, you’ll receive competitive compensation, generous benefits, flexible scheduling and more to help you develop a rewarding, satisfying career. Plus, you’ll experience the honor and privilege of serving our nation’s heroes. Ready to join us? Search for opportunities near you and apply today.

Physicians: Help meet the needs of Veterans in Puerto Rico
A career with VA enables Veterans to apply their unique experience and continue a life of service.Supporting Veterans’ success after service

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