Veterans make an incredible sacrifice in order to protect America and its freedom. When they return home, they deserve a hero’s welcome and a clear path to a secure future. However, many face struggles as they transition back to civilian life—from physical and mental disabilities to employment difficulties. VA is committed to supporting Veterans through their adjustment period and beyond, helping them attain fulfilling careers, greater confidence and happier lives.

We proudly provide Veterans a wealth of resources to translate their skills and kickstart a career that helps them continue a life of service. With statutory hiring preference, tailored benefits, educational support, vocational counseling and more, a career at VA empowers Veterans to keep doing what they do best, maximize their unique experience and expand their capacity for success. Are you interested in joining our team and supporting your fellow Veterans along the path to health and wellness? Start today—explore our open positions and apply.

For Men’s Health Month, VA raises awareness of preventative health issues for male Veterans.VA celebrates Men’s Health Month
As a VA psychiatrist, you can positively impact Veterans lives

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