Dr John Ney

Dr. John Ney, a neurologist and a clinical neurophysiologist

Before he was seeing patients and conducting research as a neurologist and clinical neurophysiologist at the Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital in Bedford, Mass., Dr. John Ney was an Army battalion surgeon at Forward Operating Bases Ghazni and Sharana in Afghanistan. “How to conduct medicine in very austere conditions…in a very up-tempo combat environment,” is something he learned well. He earned a Combat Medical Badge and the Bronze Star for his service.
Dr. Ney has been fascinated his entire career by a search for ways to improve care by eliminating ineffective practices in favor of “things that really work” – a life-saving endeavor for a battalion surgeon.
In fact, the imperative to improve medical care and the quality of life for U.S. military personnel during active duty and after discharge has guided his VA career from the beginning. “VA has afforded me many excellent opportunities to pursue those goals,” he says. He thinks that with all the changes taking place in care delivery to Veteran’s, finding ways to help them lead better lives has been become even more important.
His combat experience has also helped, letting him develop an “instant rapport” with many of his patients, essential to establishing a therapeutic bond. “It leads to better outcomes for the Vets I treat,” he says with assurance.
If you want to help achieve better outcomes for our Veterans, consider a career with VA. Explore our open opportunities and apply today.

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