VA continues update to rating schedule with latest revision on skin conditions


VA is in the process of completely updating the VA Schedule for Rating Disabilities, commonly referred to as the “VASRD” or “Rating Schedule,” for the first time since 1945. The latest rating schedule related to skin went into effect Monday, Aug. 13, 2018.

No conditions were removed from the new rating schedule for skin conditions. However, several diagnostic codes assigned to various skin conditions were restructured or revised as VA aims to have the rating schedule better reflect modern medicine. Under the new schedule for disability ratings of the skin, VA broadly aims to distinguish between conditions that affect a large portion of the body, or the entire body and conditions that are localized or require localized treatment.

The complete list of updates to the rating schedule for skin conditions is now available online. Claims pending prior to August 13 will be considered under both the old and new rating criteria, and whichever criteria is more favorable to the Veteran will be applied. Claims filed on or after August 13 will be rated under the new rating schedule.

Since September 2017, VA has been updating the VASRD, which are used by claims processors to determine the severity of disabilities related to military service and decide claims.

The rating schedules for Dental and Oral Conditions, conditions related to the Endocrine system, Gynecological Conditions and Disorders of the Breast and the General Rating Formula for Diseases of the Eye have already been updated. VA will continue updating the remainder of the VASRD—affecting 15 total body systems—over the next several months.


Dominique Joseph

Dominique Joseph serves as a Public Affairs Specialist for the Veterans Benefits Administration in the Office of Corporate Communications.


  1. Gary Davenport    

    I spent 5yrs at Camp Lejeune during the drinking water contamination.9 yrs later. In 1998 I developed Graves disease and then in 2004 I developed vitiligo over most of my body. when are they going to rate these kinds of illnesses?

  2. Delbert W Allegood    

    It gets down to the people of the compensation wing. You can have all of the conditions on their little list for agent orange and be on a ten percent disability. I was told on my denial for isochemic heart disease”it’s not bothering you”. The truth is;It’s not bothering the VA. They can continue with expensive rugs,wall hangings, expensive paintings and bonuses without merit.

  3. Gerard A Pigeon I was at the cross road operation 1 Juland 25 Jul 1946, and have skin cancer and VA will not give a rationg, went court in Feb 2018 the judge aprove cancer, but the nurse that chek me out denied any compesation, been operated seven times.

  4. Johnny Boykin    

    I just don’t know how some veterans are receiving 100 percent disability pay and look, work and play harder than me, at 20 percent disability! Denied for documented leg problem while on active duty! Beats the hell out of me!

  5. Stephen Ricket    

    Just another smoke and mirrors program. It claims dental but anyone who is not 100% is refused dental. This just another only a the few will get care LEAVING the remainder of us out in the cold.

  6. van a duke    

    is skin cancer covered

  7. Vernon W Burns    

    I am a nam vet in about 1985 i was diagnosed with thyroid problems by my private physician and was given levothyroxine .15 in 1988 the dose was increased .175 then later in the year it was .2, I was on .2 for many years and periodically tested and my dosage adjusted i would alway end up back on the .2 This went on for many years.
    I started going to va clinic and 6 – 8 years ago my thyroid was tested and adjusted again I am now stable with a .175 dosage. I was on thes .2 for over 20 years with several blood tests and dosage adjustments during that time. If i was still on .2 I would file a disability claim for the thyroid but now being stable at .175 would i be wasting my time to file for that? My private physician is deceased but i have his notes from my chart. I am currently at a 80% combined rating and because of some heart issues my VSO has my file but i forgot to ask him about this

  8. Gregory A Yonkmman    

    My husband was exposed to Polychlorinated Biphenyls during service. Who and where can I go to get medical records?

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